October 15, 2012

DIY: hand painted mug

daily musts are my morning coffee and afternoon green tea (i prefer both without sugar or cream). i love mugs and am always on the lookout for the perfect whimsical touch or unique look to one. i spotted some diy hand painted mugs on pinterest and decided to try it out. it was fairly easy and i'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

i made this one for my cousin's new baby girl named Hope <3

and i just had to make one for myself to sip my tea in =)

here's how you can make your own!

what you'll need:
- a ceramic mug (mine is from target for $3.99)
- a paint pen (i used pebeo porcelaine from amazon which was less than $10)
- toothepicks and q-tips for cleanup

the paint pen was a little more difficult to use than i had hoped. here's some tips:

- keep a scrap piece of paper/paper towels around as you'll need to press the tip down several times while using it
- the paint doesn't flow out evenly, so you'll sometimes have paint seep out which i blotted on paper to dip and use on the mug
- painting more than one layer on at a time is difficult. wait for the first layer to set for a couple minutes before applying a second layer
- i used a swab dipped in water and toothpicks to clean up edges

i started with 'tea time' but decided to change it out to the dotted line and heart (it felt more whimsical)

i found another tutorial here that uses a sharpie instead, but they noted some issues with having the ink stay after running it through the dishwasher. the paint pen is supposed to work better than the sharpie method - however, i went ahead and baked my mug as well just in case (350 degrees for 30 min)


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  1. have you since run the sharpie mug and the paint pen mug through the dishwasher???