November 6, 2012

DIY: an ode to the mason jar

Mason jars, mason jars, mason jars!  They are everywhere! The above pic are the ones I keep in my kitchen for their intended use of storing food and such. Until pintrest era, I feel like they have been taken for granted. Now, they are the ubiquitous container of a modern day woman.  They are sturdy,  timeless, and so useful! I'm sure I don't need to convince you with all the 50+ diys on the internet regarding their creative transformations.  Especially on diy wedding sites as lighting and centerpieces. I feel they are the go-to "hip"(ster) glasses that you serve your vodka lemonade in at babyshowers, potlucks and parties, with a striped pastel straw of course.  Fill it with dessert, and you have the perfect parfait! Stick a candle in it and set the mood! Fill it with soap or lotion and stick a push pump on top and its the most delightful dispenser. Fill it with dirt and a living plant and you have yourself a terrarium!  Fill it with candy or treats, wrap with a bow or twine and its the perfect packaging.  I need not go on, it's like the incredible, edible egg! It's uses are endless. I myself use them  as a vase to store my flowers in to spring up my cube-dom come at the office. I also use them to store my markers, pens and other supplies.  But of course, it doesn't stop there, I use them at home to store my q-tips, cotton balls and dried flowers for a little decor in my bathroom too. Oh mason, you are a see through wonder of (joy) a jar! 

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