December 6, 2012

DIY: ginger & epsom salt detox bath

HOT stuff coming through!  Here's a great idea (or gift idea) for anyone who loves SWEATING it out in hot baths, saunas, massages and hot yoga.  This natural detox bath is super simple and rids the body of toxins through your skin.  Here's the breakdown:

Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate): find it in the garden center or pharmaceutical dept. of discount stores or local drug stores
- eases stress and relaxes the body
- relieves pain and muscle cramps
- aids muscle and nerve function
- relieves constipation
- eliminates toxins from the body

Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate):  find it in the bakery isle or in bulk at the swimming pool/chemical area of discount stores
- balances an over acidic system
- leaves skin soft
- aids the body in magnesium absorption

Ginger: powder or fresh grated
- "heats" the body
- increases circulation
- opens pores for release of toxins

Run a hot bath and dump it all in.  Then put on some Alicia Keys - cause girl, you are gonna feel like you are on fire!  Not really, but you will SWEAT and you may feel your heartbeat get strong.  If it gets way too hot in there, run some cold water to cool down.  Sit back and relax for 20 min or so (no more than 30). 

Take it easy when you get out - your body has been working hard and you may be lightheaded.  No lotions or serums tonight, as your body will continue to detox and sweat for a few hours even after the bath (see below for the after-bath of me - I've never sweat so much while reading before).

Make sure to hydrate with TONS of water - you will be thirsty as heck.  You may feel lightheaded when waking as well (possibly even flu-y) - but this is a good sign of releasing those toxins.  Continue to drank that water!
P.S. This detox can be a powerful one - do not take it if pregnant or have heart or health issues.

Have fun sweatin it up!

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