January 7, 2013

DIY: collar chain

New Year, new wardrobe!? Doesn't that conflict with New Year, new ways to save $$$?  With statement necklaces and arm swag being all the rage, why not take it to the next level and use accessories you ALREADY HAVE (no need to buy) to adorn your collared shirts or jackets for NECK SWAG. Putting accessories you have on hand to good use and updating that old collared shirt you never wear.  Talk about ballin on a budget! 

Inspiration 1: collar chains from Singapore based online boutique The Cult Label


Collar chain #1! Inspiration manifested. One of kind made with your labour of love. 

For the above collar chain look, I happen to have accessories on hand  that coordinate.  I had a rhinestone bracelet that I got on sale for only $1 and clip ons (that are meant to clip on your shoes?) for about $3, both from H&M sale. Earrings are just silver earrings that I had from years ago.  All these were just lying in my jewelry tray begging to be used.  

Inspiration 2: from my own outfit of the day. 

Collar chain #2!  With the same idea as the first bling bling one, I just took THIS collar chain in the direction of Wiz Khalifa.  "Black and yellow, black and yellow, you know what it is ...." Yea you know how it goes.  Btw, I think I've seen lapel chains worn by guys too,  across their ties,  bowties and jackets.  So with a spike or just a simple chain (any men jewelry that will work) sans the heart, you guys can adorn your collar too! 

Here, instead of earrings, I used buttons that I had at home, a chain from my old camera bag and 2 safety pins.  At first I used a chain from a broken necklace. It worked but was too thin.  You could and should use whatever works for you. It will just make it that much more unique. 

This post lends itself to so many rap allusions. I love it.  And of course, last but not least. 2 Chainnnnzzzzz. 

White Collar Shirt: H&M.  Knit sweater: Madewell. Bracelets: Vietnamese gold,  Hermes, That's Foxy.  Watch: Gucci.


  1. Brilliant Idea!!!
    lovely job x