January 27, 2013

WEAR: DIY spiked, studded wedge booties

Wedges, my go-to "heels" as of late. So comfortable, yet still gives you that height lift.  However, sometimes they can feel and look a bit clunky - there's just so much ...SHOE.  So I had an idea to try to break up some of that big ol' hunk ol' wedge. I gave mine some tough  ☠  love and breathed new life into it

So what do you do when your bootie calls? You spike it out and take it for a spin. Louboutin has the studded rollerball loafers (my FAVE) and blinged out stilettos perfected.  But, Jeffery Campbell has the spiked, studded platform shoe game on lock! 

Materials: SpikesE6000 glue, Toothpick, Wedges (duh)

Instructions:  I planned out the design by marking the position with a pen. Then, I squeezed the E6000 glue onto a plastic surface that I can throw away.  I used a toothpick to dab the glue onto the back of the spikes and then glued them onto the marked spots.  Wait about 15 minutes for the glue to completely dry and then you are good to go!  Cue in Kanye West - "...feet don't fail me now."

Answer that bootie call. Enjoy! 

Silk Shirt Dress: All Saints.  Belvedere Leather Jacket: All Saints.  Shoes: Top Shop (DIY spikes). Shopping Tote: YSL (similar).  Shearling Scarf: Asos (similar)  Double Cross Puzzle Ring: That's Foxy

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