February 5, 2013

DIY: light bulb vase

Anyone else have the winter blues?  Well we have a BRIGHT idea ... inspired by CB2 (below) and Anthropologie to brighten up your desk, your wall or your room.  I turned an old light bulb I had into a vase!  You can find different instructions on youtube and pinterest, but I found a good one here on Free People's blog.  :)  It's fairly simple, involves a lil bit of breaking glass and DESTRUCTION, so be careful.  Also please only use incandescent light bulbs (ones that look like like bulbs above and not the halogen kind) that contain no mercury or any gas inside because the other kind of light bulbs are very DANGEROUS and toxic. Please be safe.  


I used a string to hang it to a nail that was already in the wall - be sure to wrap tightly and use good clear tape or glue to adhere string to the bulb.  I filled it with 2/3 water and used wheatgrass instead of flowers for a fresh and vibrant feel.  This is on the wall in the entrance way into my apartment. 

OR, have it stand alone vs. hanging it.  Just like LIFE, a balancing act, if you will.  The key is to balance it when the water is settled.   This is on my window sill in my room. 

This is on my desk in my room. 

Give your desk a vase lift (haha!).  Have some other bright ideas?  Please share with us!

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