February 15, 2013

WEAR: DIY love stenciled clutch

Valentine's day has come and gone. Hope all you crazy lovebirds and lovely independent women alike had a chocolate filled, champagne spilled (due to excitement and fun of course) day! Just because the day is over doesn't mean love is lost - love is always in the air!  Especially here at NB with our diy LOVE clutch.  

(photo courtesy of Emma from www.tresawsome.com)

The clutch is usually meant as an accessory for the nocturnal types, especially during the day when we want to lug ERRTHANG in an oversized tote.  However, less is the new MORE!  We're sure this is not the first time you've heard that.  Well, let me introduce you to ... the day clutch!  In this clutch, you can fit ipads, ipad minis, your wallet, keys, a lip liner or two, maybe extra feminine products and your phone.  What else could you possibly need??  OHHH yea  ... yes, I hear ya girl, what about your makeup, laptop, backup flats/shoes, gym clothes and coats (all necessities)!?  All of these things obviously can't fit into this day clutch.  Oh, the tragedy.  First world, girl problems.  Well, guess what - you can still  use this clutch.  You just need to toss it INSIDE your big a$s bag (as a toiletry bag).   It keeps everything extra organized in a roomy bag anyways.  BOOM.  Problem solved.  Versatile and chic. 

(photo courtesy of Emma from www.tresawsome.com)

Although this particular clutch veers more on the casual side (as it added a whimsical, fun element to my otherwise stuffy, uptight, fancy fur coat outfit), you can also use it for evening extravaganzas! 

Scroll down for the steps on how to create this personalized accessory.  And in the meantime, click the following link for a special message from The Beattles.  All you need is love - The Beattles

(photo courtesy of Emma from www.tresawsome.com)

All the photos above were taken by Emma, a TRES AWESOME! street style photographer from www.tresawesome.com.   She caught me outside at the Independent Fashion Blogger's Conference  that happened to coincide with the first days of fashion week here in New York.  She captures amazing moments and style (instgram = tresawsome).  Thank you Emma!

INSPIRATION: 1. Refinery's R29 shops vintage clutch  2. Kate Spade "Play Hooky" IPAD case (picture courtesy of www.caitlinschmidt.com) Caitlin's pics are all over Pintrest.  She styled this ipad case to perfection with her polka dot pleated skirt and alligator belt! Thank you for the pic Caitlin! :)

Materials: (can be found at most arts and crafts stores)
  • liquid gesso (smallest bottle)
  • acrylic paint (or any other fabric paint, glossy or matte)
  • brush (I also used an old makeup brush that I was going to toss anyways)
  • tape (painter's or masking tape)
  • letter stencils (adhesive stencils recommended)
  • large pouch/clutch (one you have on hand or I got this at American Apparel)
  • paint pen (in white because letters was in white)

Instructions: I used regular cardboard stencils and then taped around it with painters tape.  However, just as I suspected, the paint bled (but just a little bit).  I touched it up with the white painter's pen to get the lines straight.  I would recommend using adhesive stencils so the paint bleeds less.  You can use regular matte acrylic paint (what I used), or you can get any paint that's made for fabric or leather.  

After taping the letters, prep the surface inside the letters with liquid gesso (which is just a clear liquid that helps the paint adhere to the leather) by using your fingers.  Let the gesso set for about 10 minutes and then paint the acrylic paint over the letters.  Let it dry overnight in a well ventilated area.  

After the paint is dry, remove the stencils.  Touch up any edges that bled with the painter's pen and it's ready for use. :)

Keep love alive.  ❤ Enjoy!

Coat: vintage mink from No Relation consignment shop in East Village.  Skirt: H&M.  Shoes: All Saints.  Collar chain: DIY.  Clutch: American Apparel (DIY "LOVE").  Bracelet: Hermes.  Ring: That's Foxy.  Watch: Gucci


  1. LOVE this. Pun totally intended.


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    1. Thanks again for the great photos Emma! =)

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    1. Thanks Chicastic! If you like this one, we have another DIY version of the clutch that we'll be posting soon. =)

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