March 6, 2013

WEAR: DIY crystal bib and satin ribbon necklace

Inspiration: Lanvin and Marni crystal bib and satin ribbon necklaces

I have a ton of old brooches, earrings, and other necklaces that I don't wear anymore but don't have the heart to toss (you know those impulse buys, especially when costume jewelry is mostly under $10 at Forever 21!).  My solution?  My forte of course - I take them apart and put them back together to form a new crystal creation!  FRANKENSTEIN status. 

Materials you'll need:  Stiffened feltwire cutter pliersE6000 glue, scissors,  jewels: old brooch, old rhinestone earrings, crystal clip-ons (pictured above) - everyone will have different items for the jewels, 1 /2 yard satin ribbon,  and flat back Swarovski crystals (below). 


1.  Using an old bib necklace as a template, I cut my stiffened felt into the same pattern.  You can cut your felt according to the jewels that you'll be using. 

2.  Then, taking my wire cutter pliers (most useful pliers I've ever owned!), I broke the back pin off the turquoise brooch.  I did the same to the baby blue crystal dangle earrings and the clip-ons.  Having flat backs on the jewels helps when gluing them on to the felt.

3. Rearrange the placement of the jewels until you achieve the look that you want.  Layering the pieces on top of each other gave me that Shourouk feel.    

4.  After you are sure of the placement, use your trusty E6000 glue to glue everything in place.  Trim the excess felt around the jewels with scissors and then fill in the open areas with flat back Swarovski crystal elements (order them online here).  In New York, I was able to get mine at a store in Soho called Crystallized

5.  Finally, after all the jewels are attached and the extra felt is trimmed away, measure how long you want the necklace to hang.  Cut the satin ribbon accordingly and attach the ribbon to the back of the felt with the same glue.  Wait a couple hours for the glue to dry (although this glue dries very quickly!).  Then you're ready to style your one of a kind necklace with your outfit. 

"Diamonds on my neck, dia-diamonds on my neck ..."

Necklace: DIY //  Knit Sweater: Zara // White Button Down: All Saints // Pleather Pants: H&M // Shoes: Topshop

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