March 21, 2013

WEAR: DIY peplum ostrich feather and satin ribbon belt

As of late, I feel like Batman has been my fashion icon.  My go-to for the winter months is all black errrthang.  Gotham City doesn't lend itself well to baring your legs during the winter months - don't be deceived by my bare arms, it really was 29 degrees fahrenheit out (took my jacket off for the pic).  And it just so happens that all my fleece lined leggings are black!  So my outfit tends to follow suit, black on black layers.  Accessorizing (throw on some chainz) and mixing fabric and texture (ultimate mixing: feather on satin over leather) is the key to bringing life to an otherwise drab, all black ensemble.  

Like the Dark Knight himself, that's where my peplum ostrich feather and satin ribbon belt (mouthful of fashion) comes to the rescue!  Figure flattering, feminine, flirty and fun (try saying that 3 times fast).  Peplum has been popping up in different forms and fabric all season.  It creates dimension and has a waist-whittling effect at the same time.  Check out the instructions below to find out how you can make your own.  It really is as easy as one, two, three!  

Materials: (can be purchased at any fabric store - links are just for reference)


Wrap the satin ribbon around your waist and tie a bow in the back.  The ribbon should feel snug but comfortable.  Trim the excess ribbon with scissors.  Next, wrap the ostrich feather trim around your waist.  Cut away excess trim where both ends of the trimming meet the bow of the ribbon.  Glue the top of the trimming to the middle of the satin ribbon using the fabric glue.  Wait 30 minutes for the glue to dry and then style it up with your outfit! 

Feathers, leather, and satin. Oh my! 

Tune in next time - same Bat-time, same Bat channel!   :)

Skirt: Urban outfitters // Gloves: Saks // Tshirt: Uniqlo // Belt: DIY // Watch: Gucci // Necklace: Gold chain DIY


  1. You're gorgeous! brought me here and I"m obsessed with your blog! I can't wait to make this and I will do a post to feature you on my blog about it.