April 29, 2013

DIY: girl's onesies & free graphic download

LADY WITH A BABY!  Friends, family, strangers, heck...Kim Kardashian - babies are popping up (out) everywhere!  With the onslaught of wonderful news comes showers and visits to meet the little preciousessss, so I wanted to create some fun and whimsical onesies to share with the new bundles of joy.  

Is there anything cuter in the wonderful world of baby attire than a onesie?  Well, the answer is no.  And these summer onesies I found that are sleeveless and leg/pant-less(?) TAKE THE CAKE.  They're like little cotton bathing suits - what else does a little baby need to run around (or be carried around) in the summer?  

They're also great for showing off those adorable chubby arms and legs babies have.  You know what I'm talking about, the fat rolls with creases that look like overstuffed sausages haha!  Enjoy it while you can little baby, cause once you're an adult, super leg chub in a pant-less onesie is not as widely accepted.  I know, what a cruel cruel world we live in.

Some of you might be wondering why only the girl babies are getting love in this post.  Well, do not fret, we have an upcoming post for your little gentleman as well.  Stay tuned!  Also, "merde" below is French for "poop"!  That's right, we're keepin it classy, ladies (anything in French just sounds more ladylike and proper, right?)


  •  Transfer paper: Michaels, $18 for 10-pack or Amazon, $13 for 12-pack  *there's different transfer paper for light and dark fabrics, so make sure you choose according to your fabric color
  •  Baby Onesies: I got mine at H&M, $12 for 3
  •  Ink jet printer: the transfer paper won't work on laser printers
  •  Graphic designs to print (see below)
  •  Scissors
  •  Iron and a sturdy surface (I covered a wooden cutting board with a pillowcase)


1.  Print out the designs on the transfer paper using your ink jet printer (these will be mirror-image)

2.  Cut the designs out, trying to get as close to the edges as possible (but not on the lines).  This will minimize the clear shine you might see around the images after ironing.

3.  Lay the images downward on the onesies and position them where you'd like them.

4.  Follow the directions on the transfer paper packaging to iron the images on, making sure to press firmly along all the edges.

5.  After the image is cool, slowly peel off the paper backing.  And then you're all set baby!


  1. Great post dear, love baby clothes!!!!


  2. i love this idea marg, gonna make for my friends babby!