April 3, 2013

DIY: studded makeup bag

I first saw this darling little makeup bag tutorial on Say Yes to Hoboken.  I know it looks pretty daunting with the zipper and all, but it actually is not hard to make!  Just follow the step by step instructions and you'll surprise yourself on how easy it actually is to sew.  Throw your own little personal touch on there - I added tiny little studs to give it an edgier look.  

  • two coordinating fabrics (you may want to choose a heavier upholstery fabric for the outisde of the bag)
  • one zipper (I used a 9" zipper)
  • matching thread
  • pins, scissors, ruler
  • sewing machine
  • studs (I got mine from The Metals Shop on Etsy, $7)
  • e6000 glue (or super/craft glue if you'll be gluing studs)


1.  Cut two pieces of each fabric (four pieces total) to 5 1/2" x 9 1/2"
2.  Take one of the outer pieces of fabric and lay it face up.  Put the zipper face down at the top edge of the fabric.  Next, lay one of the lining pieces face down along the top edge of the outer fabric/zipper
3.  Pin all three pieces together along the top edge, and then sew the top edge

4.  Flip your outer fabric so that it is on the outside (right side up) with the lining underneath it
5.  Take the second piece of lining and lay it right side up.  Place the piece you just sewed and align it on top, right side up.  Finally, take the last piece of outer fabric and lay it face down on top
6.  Pin all the pieces together along the top edge again, and sew along the top edge

7.  Next, iron the outer pieces flat.  Then, flip the outer pieces together with the lining pieces sandwiching them
8.  Pin along the opposite side of the zipper, and sew along the bottom pinned edge

9.  Position the zipper to the middle.  Unzip it halfway and sew along the two edges, through the zipper (pinch the zipper together while sewing through it).

10. Pinch the edge of one of the corners and measure out 2 1/2" with your ruler.  Mark the line and place a pin next to it.  Sew along the marked line, then cut the triangle end off.  Repeat for the other three corners.
11.  Flip the bag inside out, and your makeup bag is done!  Embellish as you please - I decided to glue tiny little studs on mine.


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