April 23, 2013

summer wish list

Here in Texas, you can expect it to go from lovely warm spring to blistering hot summer in the blink of an eye.  I always get giddy with excitement as the season comes around and cannot wait for those long summer days.  For me, it means outdoor fun in the sun complete with pool lounging (who knew laying around a body of water like a beached whale could be so relaxing?), picnic having, outdoor exercising, vacationing and I'm-on-a-boat-hanging-out-on-the lake-ing.  Here's my current wish list of what I'm summer dreamin of:

1.  white mesh tee dress - asos, $92  //  easy, simple and most importantly, comfortable!

2.  sunglasses - celine, $294  //  I don't normally buy designer shades anymore, but I really love these

3.  bird print kimono - zara, $129  //  beautiful print and perfect to use as a cover up

4.  Nikon 1 - nikon, $450  //  I dislike bulkiness when traveling and have been on the search for a more compact camera with excellent picture quality.  It looks like mirrorless cameras are the way to go

5.  dry shampoo - oribe, $39  //  I know what you're thinking - $39 for dry shampoo!?  Goodness gracious!  BUT, I have friends who have personally used this and rave about it, not to mention all the online reviews are great.  I am intrigued!

6.  crystal shard and anchor rings - Bing Bang NYC, $68/each  //  delicate, whimsical and gold plated so they don't tarnish from all that pool/lake water

summa, Summa, SUMMA-TIME!


  1. Lovely picks! Love that nikon. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com