April 10, 2013

WEAR: DIY floral maxi skirt

MAXIMUM SKIRT.  That's what I assume maxi skirt is short for.  I even tried looking this up on the all-knowing interweb and ran into some funny theories (and boring histories).  I guess it's the opposite of a mini skirt, which is short for minimum skirt.  Or is it miniature skirt?  Either way, all I know is maxi skirts rock and I love wearing them.  They're so comfortable and flowy, and they hide your legs on days when you might've forgotten to shave (score!). 

With florals being all the rage for Spring, I had to jump on the bloomin bandwagon and make this maxi skirt.  I encourage you to try it - it really only requires basic sewing machine skills (trust me, that's all I've got).  Hey, if worse comes to worse, you can scrap the project and use the fabric as a lovely springtime tablecloth.  You pretty much cannot lose here.  =)

  • 2 yards of fabric (I got mine at Jo-Ann's for $11/yard)
  • 1 1/4 inch elastic band (Jo-Ann's, $5)
  • coordinating thread and sewing machine


1.  Measure out the skirt height you'll need from your waist to the ground (including heel height).  Add 2" on to this measurement to account for the 1/2" bottom hem and 1 1/2" waistband.  Cut the excess fabric from the height of the skirt.  I kept the width of the fabric as is since I wanted a very full skirt.

2.  To hem the bottom of the skirt, fold the fabric 1/2" inwards along the bottom and iron the edge (you can use pins to keep it in place).  Next, sew along the ironed edge for the entire bottom length of the fabric.

3.  Now you'll need to sew the skirt side edges together to create a big cylinder shape.  Lay the fabric face up, then take the left edge and fold the fabric over in half (like a book).  The "book" cover should be the inside part of the fabric.  Pin along the right edge, and then sew down the length of it.  Afterwards, flip it right side out and you should have a cylinder shape.

4.  The last part will be to create the waistband.  At the top of the skirt, measure out 1 1/2", fold it inwards and iron the edge (using pins if you need it).  Next, sew along the very edge of the folded flap (this is what is going hold the elastic band), but stop at 2" before sewing all the way around.

5.  The 2" open area will be where you feed the elastic band through.  Measure and cut the elastic band to the length you need by placing it around your waist, making sure it's fitted but comfortable.  Attach a safety pin to the edge of the band - this will help you guide the band through waist "tunnel" you just sewed.  

6.  Feed the elastic band through, making sure it doesn't get twisted.  After it's made it all the way through, pin the two edges of the band together and then sew using a reinforced stitch.  Then, just finish sewing the remaining 2" of fabric that you left open and you are all set.  Put that skirt on and prance around like you've never pranced before!

Enjoy your maximus skirtimus!