May 22, 2013

SOUL: Darling, the art of being a woman

First and foremost, we'd like to apologize for our semi-brief hiatus from the blogging world.  Both of us have been on vacation.  Hey, everyone needs some beach time (Bahamas) and jungle time (Costa Rica) every once in a while right?  Well we're back, slowy but surely.  The age old saying really does apply in this situation, "we need a vacation from our vacation".  

If Audrey Hepburn were to start a magazine, it would be Darling.  I stumbled upon this magazine at Anthropologie right next to Kinfolk magazine (another visually stimulating and inspirational read). After a few pages in, I immediately fell in love.  With artful and clean layouts among other things (no ads, real woman not photoshopped, beautiful typography), whats not to love?!  It really is a different kind of magazine that is a breath of fresh air.  Wanting to learn more about them, I found them online, here!  Basically their philosophy is (below):

"We believe in the power of print, that women still love the feel and smell of real paper in their hands. Darling is a quarterly print magazine and blog dedicated to the art of being a woman. Each season, we deliver relevant, inspiring content on high quality paper. Our issues are around 150 pages, include original content that is not shared through our blog, and are 100% ad-free.
We are committed to sparking a positive feminine revolution—believing that all women are not only interesting, but original; not only good enough, but exceptional; not just here, but here for a purpose."  

Our sentiments exactly.  I also found them on Kickstarter (where I got the pictures above) and because the project successfully got funded, we are graced with the release of Issue No. 3!  Also, their mission statement is on the back cover of all their issues,  here.

 I mean, Vogue will never be replaced!  That would be blasphemous, this just offers a worthwhile option to freshen up your magazine repertoire.  :)  I'll leave you with an excerpt:

"A light exists in the spring not present on the year at any other period. - Emily Dickenson.  While we watch the earth turn from shades of brown to vibrant green, we often forget it just endured the winter - long, cold, still and lifeless.  This is where we find our hope.  When life pulls at our petals and threatens to uproot our grip on reality, we observe the garden and see that all which grows there is not unlike ourselves - living things that understand the nature of life - the tender growth, painful pruning, loss, death, and rebirth.  Yet how so much more permanent are we than the flowers, how much more resilient! "

xoxo, neato! bonito

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