May 9, 2013

WEAR: casual chic, dressy shorts and graphic sweatshirt

It's a jungle out there dress appropriately!  And appropriately to me, always mean comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, to achieve the effortlessly chic look actually takes EFFORT -how ironic.  Hah.   There's a thin line between REAL bed head and the bed head 'look'.  Still trying to master this myself, I looked to the queen of casual, cool, chic herself -none other than Sincerely, Jules.  She mixes a relaxed look with smart and tailored touches.  

Seriously, Jules can do no wrong.  I, on the other hand CAN do a lot of wrong.  0_o So what better store to "experiment" with a new look than at  ...Forever 21?!  If you don't like your new look, you don't have to feel guilty about the price.  Then, if you like your new look, and want to stick to it, you can start looking for investment pieces that reflect it.  Win, win.  :)

 Go 'head girl, dress down. 

Sweatshirt and shorts: Forever 21 // White button down:  All Saints // Frames:  Aldo // photography: Paulo Salud

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