June 14, 2013

father's day gift guide

You guys ever heard the saying "Procrastinate NOW"!  Well, as ironic as it sounds, I'm probably doing that right now. haha.  Father's day is this Sunday and I'm scrambling to come up with gifts.  In our own search for last minute gifts for dear ol' dad, we decided it make a guide to share with you guys.  Procrastinators unite!  J/K.  We really don't encourage putting things off, spoken from a person who learned it the hard way one too many times.  So since we have about 2 days left, let's get on this Father's Day wagon and not wait until Sunday. :)

  1. Thomas Keller's Cookbook for that inner chef in dad, including manly recipes like fried chicken.
  2. The classic tweed Father's Day card
  3. Harper tool from Restoration Hardware is pocket sized and powerful because dads loves tools. 
  4. Put some pep in dad's step with grey space out striped socks from Paul Smith. 
  5. Every dad needs a silk cambridge polka dot tie as a staple. 
  6. 5-in-1 money clip, pick a took, any tool!
  7. A dapper umbrella for that dapper dad. 
  8. Everyone needs extra juice, backup battery for an Iphone addicted dad. 

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