June 30, 2013

TRAVEL: Wanderlust Festival

 Breathe it all in, let it all go.  NB is excited to attend Wanderlust Festival this year for the very first time.  All who wander are not lost!   Each year, a group of our girlfriends plans a trip to a fun destination - usually some place like Miami or Vegas.  As we're aging (gracefully, we hope), our tune has changed.  We craved a trip which included tea time, fitness, motivational speakers and music (instead of drinks, mini-skirts and loud club music with A Night at the Roxbury dudes).  As always, the universe heard our desires and we found an event called Wanderlust Festival!  Held at different locations throughout the country (Hawaii, Vermont, Colorado, California), it's essentially a four day yoga retreat up in the peaceful mountains (we'll be attending the first festival in Vermont!).   Hopefully we'll return with inspirational and beautiful pics of Stratton.   Gone to yoga, we'll return shortly.

Away message:  Smile, breathe and go slowly.  Be happy, be healthy! 

(picture from Google)

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