June 4, 2013

WEAR: summer bargains

HOT TAMALE!  Summa-time shopping is always so much fun.  Beachwear comes into play, as well as bold and vibrant colors/prints.  I get all googly-eyed as the season comes around, so I gotta make sure I'm spending wisely on my summer picks.  Here's a few sweet pieces I found at even sweeter prices.  All under $50!  Get. It. Girl. 

  1. striped crop top - Topshop, $20 //  short, sweet and nautical
  2. rhinestone cluster on chain - Topshop, $30 // statement piece at a great price
  3. bandeau bikini top and bottom - Topshop, $42 //  a basic black bikini to get you through the summer
  4. neon clutch - Zara, $35.90 // a pop of fun color
  5. corset with side zip - Zara, $19.90  // beat the heat in a fun print
  6. silver aviators - asos, $13.58// classic and easy
  7. front pleat shorts - Zara, $49.90  // structured yet comfy
  8. flat leather sandals - asos, $37.33 // a seriously fantastic price for a leather sandal

BOY OH BOY, the price is right!

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