July 11, 2013

DIY: hand chain ring bracelet

INSTANT LOVE.  It does exist, but usually just in the frivolous material object spectrum (the man department is a whole different story, right ladies?).  Anywhoot, that's how I felt when I first spotted this hand chain bracelet a friend of mine wore to dinner.  Simple. Gold. Chain.  What more can you ask for?  AND, the cherry on top - it was DIY, super inexpensive, super easy to make and custom fit to your hand.  The stars had aligned.  I had to make one of my own.  

Materials (all gold plated, Michaels or other craft stores):

  • Gold chain 
  • Five gold loops
  • One gold lobster clasp
  • Pliers 


1.  Measure out the ring portion of the chain around your middle finger.  You'll want to leave enough room for it to slide on and off your finger easily (it doesn't need to be super fitted).  Cut the chain to the desired length using your pliers.  Add a ring on the end of it and loop it together to form the ring.

2.  Next is the bracelet portion.  Measure this out the same way around your wrist, then cut the chain.  You'll want this to be about an extra inch loose around your wrist.  Add a ring on one end of it, and another ring with lobster clasp on the other end.

3.  Using the pliers, cut the middle portion of the bracelet to create two equal parts.  Attach the two parts with a ring.

4.  Now to connect the ring and bracelet, measure out the desired length on your hand from the ring part to the bracelet part.  Again, you'll want to leave a little extra length on this part of the chain so that it's not too tight.  Cut the desired length, and attach it to the ring and bracelet.  BAM. DONE.

inspiration and model: mai ngo

xoxo, NB


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