July 30, 2013

DIY: pineapple and watermelon cover up

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Time to get your PINEAPPLE PRINCESS on!  This season, we're absolutely loving the fun summer prints that are popping up everywhere.  From palm trees and monkeys to beach-scapes to the reigning pineapple champ - it's all so fun, whimsical and well, SUMMERY!  

We thought it'd be a great idea to do our own version for a cute pool or beach cover-up.  It's so super easy to make and you can put your own fun spin on it.  We used a simple knot for our pineapple version, and some fun fringe for our watermelon cover-up.  Oh, the possibilities are just endless.  



  •  Transfer paper: Michaels, $18 for 10-pack or Amazon, $13 for 12-pack  *there's different transfer paper for light and dark fabrics, so make sure you choose according to your fabric color
  •  Tank or Tee: I got mine at HM, $5.95
  •  Ink jet printer: the transfer paper won't work on laser printers
  •  Graphic designs to print (see below)
  •  Scissors
  •  Iron and a sturdy surface (I covered a wooden cutting board with a pillowcase)


1.  Print out the designs on the transfer paper using your ink jet printer (these will be mirror-image)

2.  Cut the designs out, trying to get as close to the edges as possible (but not on the lines).  This will minimize the clear shine you might see around the images after ironing.

3.  Lay the image face downward (for the light fabric transfer) on the shirt and position it where you'd like it placed.

4.  Follow the directions on the transfer paper packaging to iron the image on, making sure to press firmly along all the edges.

5.  After the image is cool, slowly peel off the paper backing.

6.  If you'd like to add fringe to your shirt, simply cut the bottom hem off and cut strips upward to the desired length.  Afterwards, tie the bottom of the strips off with knots.  Viola! 

A special thanks to our lovely model, Mai. You can follow her precious little pup on instagram at @prince_hairy

Happy Summer! xoxo, NB

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