August 19, 2013

DIY: rhinestone and chain statement necklace

DIAMONDS on my neck!  I've been looking for the perfect statement necklace to pair with some casual tops like sweatshirts and graphic tees.  Nothing like fancy-ing up a basic top with some grand jewels, right?  And since I couldn't quite find one that I loved (either something was off or the price was NOT right), I decided I'd have to just make this bad boy myself.  

We've used this term before, but there was some major FRANKENSTEIN-ING going on to piece this necklace together.  This basically means we hoard fun costume jewelry pieces, take them apart, then mix and match to create a new masterpiece!  It's actually really fun to do because you get to customize the entire piece, and once you're done it's one of a kind!

Now, remember - there is no science behind this.  It really is just gathering some pieces that you like, taking them apart and then attaching them back together.  Most of the "parts" I used were from the bargain bins at H&M and Forever21.  Have fun with it!

For this necklace I used:

- An old F21 silver chain I had
- A pendant that used to dangle from a pair of H&M earrings
- A pair of old Forever 21 earrings (not pictured here)
- Another pair of H&M earrings (I removed the neon roping)
- Pliers - I used two pairs which is useful for opening/closing loops

Here are some tips:

- Make sure you have plenty of "connectors" (the loops that attach the pieces together) in the color you need.  You can also buy these at craft stores in different sizes.
- If the pieces aren't laying right, add or remove loops to balance them out
- You can easily snip away earring backs using your pliers 
- Measure the chain length you'll need on yourself and adjust to your desired length

Enjoy Frankenstein-ing your own piece!

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