August 7, 2013

EAT: cheese and charcuterie board

 More cheese please!  Simple and delicious, I love throwing together a quick cheese board when having guests over.  There's no cooking involved, and it's so fun to pick at and test out cheeses while chatting it up with your favorite peeps (and favorite wine).

Throw in some fun little sides and you're all set!  This summer, I'm all about the dried FIGS!  I mean, I love fresh figs, but sometimes they can be hard to keep stocked without going bad.  Enter...delicious, chewy, sweet dried figs!  So FIGgin good.  You also gotta have some sort of carby goodness (I used crackers), meaty goodness (I used salami), and of course some classic olives finished off with some dijon mustard to spread. 

who cut the cheese!?!

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