September 22, 2013

WEAR: graphic comic tees

BAM! Today's fun with fashion is brought to you by us via inspiration from Phillip Lim.  With the launch of 3.1 Philip Lim for Target Collection last week, we wanted to share with you guys our rendition of the the comic tee look (above).  We put together an inspiration board (below) of photos of Jessica Alba at the Phillip Lim show at New York Fashion Week, a montage of some Phillip Lim comic sweaters and the ever so stylish Lucy from the blog in a FW'12 Balenciaga comic tee (oldie but goodie, still obsessed).  See our inspiration board below and then a few pics we took with Andrew Chan around downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum.  We got the tees from Forever 21 and cut off the sleeves and the bands at the bottom and voila, your own customized designer inspired comic tee.  Make errrday  FUNDAY with these tees!


Top photo: courtesy of,  Middle photo: Google images, Bottom photo: courtesy of  Lucy from

xoxo. NB

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