September 9, 2013

WEAR: how to wear white after labor

Hello!  Labor Day weekend has come and gone and you know that always marks the end of summer, summer Fridays and summer vacations.  However, contrary to popular belief, that doesn't mean the end of wearing white!  Pickie IPAD app has the scoop on how to do this properly and fashionably (glad we were able to help!).  Tap dat app to discover home, beauty, diy projects and fashion,  "wrapped up in a fancy personalized (shoppable) magazine just for you".  You can do this on Pickie without the hassle of multiple retail accounts, you can shop every product from one single account! We've been fortunately asked to contribute more regularly (yay to being Pickie Editors!) so continue to look for our picks of the week or month.

You can check out the story here: How to wear white after labor day 
-scroll through to find the page we contributed to and shop the look :)

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