October 7, 2013

HOME: fun flower pots and planters

I previously picked up some new flower pots and planters for some of my growing succulents that were running out of room in their current homes (see my previous post on my border line obsession with succulents).  The fun part of adding plants to your home is not just picking out what kind of plant you want, but also what you'll put it in!  Sky's the limit, and the less conventional the better in my opinion.  

I went with some fun animal planters (hedgehog and barracuda!), as well as a painted ceramic mug I found on sale.  I've also used candle holders and wooden boxes in the past.  Next up I think I'll try some old tea tins or cans.  What are some of your favorite containers to house plants in?

painted ceramic mug and barracuda planter: Antropologie
hedgehog planter: West Elm

xoxo, NB