November 19, 2013

DIY: tassel necklace

The inspiration: this Isabel Marant double layer tassel necklace.  I love its simplistic, whimsical and delicately layered look.  But alas, the price was not right ($150!).  Being the accessory junkie that I am, I have to be pretty particular about the pieces I invest in.  And unless that tassel is made of out of unicorn hair, I was much better off making my own DIY version.  It's TOO easy to make, and you can put so many different spins on it for a unique look and feel.  I made a couple of tassels to wear as a single tassel or double up.  You can add beads and other little charms as well.  Get jiggy with it!


- Embroidery floss (I used black and cream, Michaels, $.79 each)
- Gold chain (you can also re-purpose an old gold chain from another necklace)
- 2 large gold loop connectors
- 3 small gold loop connectors
- 1 gold lobster claw/hook
- Pliers 
- Beads (optional if you want to add it onto the chain)


1.  Slip the paper tubes off of the embroidery floss without unraveling it.  Open one of the large gold loop connectors and slip both ends of the embroidery floss into the loop, then close it. 

2.  Using the other large gold loop connector, loop it around the top part of the tassel.  Then use pliers to fasten it tightly around the embroidery floss.

3.  Smooth the floss downwards, then cut the bottom part off depending on how long you want the tassel to be.

4.  Add a small gold connector to the top part of the tassel so that it can hang from the chain.

5.  Taking your gold chain, measure out the length you want the necklace to hang and cut it to the desired size.  Then connect a small gold loop to both ends.  Connect the lobster claw/hook to one of the ends.

6.  Slip the tassel onto the chain and ta-da!  

No hassel tassel!
xoxo, NB

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