December 13, 2013

DIY: hand chain ring bracelet - part two!

Accessory junkies unite!  It's part two of our DIY hand chain ring bracelet.  You can find our first version here.  And although they are quite similar, I had to make this variation once I saw it on the Catbird site.  I really love so many of their pieces, but it's hard for me to invest in them as I feel like I'm always spying another piece of jewelry that I love.  Don't want jewelry buyer's remorse?  Just DIY your own version for a fraction of the price!

This time around I also used a more delicate chain to give it a lighter look and feel.  Materials and instructions below - give it a go!  It's literally just measuring it out to your hand and connecting chain parts together.  EASY PEASY.

Materials (all materials from Michaels):
- gold chain
- 3 small gold connectors
- 1 gold clasp
- pliers to cut the chain and open/close the connectors

Follow the instructions below and cut the chain with your pliers as needed for each step.  When measuring out the size of chain you'll need for each step, use your own hand and make sure to leave some wiggle room so that you can bend your wrist back and forth easily while it's on.

xoxo, NB


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