January 5, 2014

DIY: chain loop earrings

More Catbird lovin!  I can't get enough of their jewelry pieces - so delicate and simple, and right up my alley these days.  This chain loop earring was inspired by their Chained to my heart and Ballerina earrings.  It's all in the details - I love how the delicate chain loops to the back of the ear.  That little smidgin of unique without gettin too wild and crazy.  If you're diggin the earrings, this DIY is just too easy to pass up.  I used some old studs laying around, and you just need a couple more materials after that to make them. 

Also, for your pursuing pleasure - another noteworthy designer I've been lusting over with somewhat of a similar style is Jennie Kwon.  She's got some great stuff that I've been googly eying for some time now.  Caution when viewing - this can quickly turn into a costly obsession!

  • one pair of studs (I used a simple pair of gold round studs I've had for a while)
  • two gold connector loops (Michaels, $4)
  • gold chain (Michaels, $4)


1.  Measure out the length of chain you want to loop to the back of your ear.  I used roughly one inch for each earring.

2.   Add a connector to one end of the chain.  Then, add the same connector to one of the loops on the earring back.

3.  Slip the other end of the chain onto the stud post.  Repeat for the second earring.  And that's it - you're all set!!

Happy crafting!
xoxo, NB


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  2. This is great! I'll definitely have to try this out!

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  4. Simple yet lovely idea! :)


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