January 2, 2014

DRINK: green juice detox

Finally breathing a sigh of relief now that the holidays are over.  There's so much to love about that time of year - but there's also so much going on between shopping for gifts, traveling, holiday parties, family time and all that merriment that just takes a toll on you.  And let's not forget the damage that inevitably happens to your waistline.  This year (like most), I ate incredibly well - and the proof is in the pudding (literally?) when I'm trying to squeeze into what I normally deem my fat jeans.  Sad…oh so sad.  

My favorite way to get back into "healthy" mode is by replacing a meal (usually lunch) with a fresh fruit and veggie juice.  It doesn't have to replace the entire meal - sometimes I'll have a light lunch along with this green juice.  All the ingredients that go into it packs a mean green nutritious punch, so even if you're not focused on losing weight it's a great way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals for the day.

I've had my juicer for about 3 years now and it's been a great investment.  The model I have was an entry level one and fairly priced.  You can also play around with the ingredients - add more or use less based off of your favorites.  The apple and carrots add sweetness to it so it actually tastes good (contrary to how it looks)!

Happy juicing!
xoxo, NB

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