February 21, 2014

DIY: double pearl ring

Pearls are everywhere this season - and not your dainty proper pearls, either.  Big, bubbly fun pearls in the form of chokers and cool ring/earring designs are taking it to the next level.  When we spotted this DIY by HWTF, we knew we'd have to make this for ourselves.  It was actually really fun and easy (we had a little DIY slumber party in NYC in lieu of braving the cold weather for an evening out).  

Go ahead, give it a go!  You can put your own unique spin on it by using different ring metals like rose gold, various pearl sizes and spacing between the pearls.  Woot!


-thin gold rings (h&m, $5 for a multi-pack of various sizes)
-E6000 craft glue or super glue
-pearls - you can use half drilled ones, or fully drilled (this will show a visible hole at the other end if you can't find half drilled)
-wire cutter


Use the wire cutters to snip a hole in the ring to the desired size that you want the pearls to sit in each side.  Then, dip each side of the ends of the ring in glue.  Take the first pearl and slip it onto one of the ends of the ring.  Do the same for the second pearl.  Let the glue set.  TA-DA!

pearl power!
xoxo, NB


  1. Oh wow - nice. I want to stack at least 4 on one finger, so I should probably go down a size from the pearls pictured here?


    1. Yes, I think so - maybe a couple of sizes. The pearls here take up quite a bit of room. Hope you enjoy making them - would love to see a pic of your stacking! :)

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