February 25, 2014

WEAR: boyfriend jeans

Featuring: Refind Denim x Neato Bonito x Throne Watches

What are "boyfriend jeans" you ask? Despite the name, these type of jeans are not actually your boyfriend's jeans. They are suppose to look and feel like jeans a woman might borrow or steal from her boyfriend.  However, no boyfriends are actually required or harmed in the making.  Ironically, they are essentially a women's version of men's jeans.  They have a more fairly relaxed fit and are suppose to fit baggier and not hug the body as much as skinny jeans (the opposite of boyfriend jeans).  


Women's jeans and men's jeans are cut differently. True men's jeans aren't meant to be worn by women because it's important that the jeans fit around the waist and butt properly.  Because of it's popularity, more feminine versions have been developed so women's jeans can mimic men's jeans but not really.  You follow?   Yea, fashion is complicated sometimes.  Cue in Refind Denim!  They can help you un-complicate things and can guide you to finding your one-of-a-kind, perfect fitting boyfriend jeans.  Refind Denim specializes in taking relaxed fit women's vintage jeans, distressing them and turning them into the perfect boyfriend (jeans)! 

We were thrilled when our friends at Refind Denim asked us to be a part of a photo shoot where we would be wearing their denims and also as an added bonus, wearing vintage reclaimed watches from a Brooklyn company called Throne Watches! WUT.  Throne watches breathe new life into old vintage faces by pairing them with handmade Horween leather.  You can get your own watch and find out more info about Throne Watches and Refind Denim through the links and don't forget to follow our instagrams for more pictures! 

As with everything, not all boyfriends are created equal, therefore the same pair of jeans will not look the same on all women.  The key is to style them so you don't look frumpy.  To contrast the more masculine nature of the jeans, pair them with heels or more feminine tops.  The reality is that how they look has much more to do with how you carry yourself than what you actually wear.  So find a pair that suits you, much like finding a real boyfriend right?  Then, rock your boyfriend jeans with natural confidence and comfort,  because they are among the most comfortable style of jeans. :) NO boyfriend required. 

We love the idea that both of these companies breathe new life into vintage pieces and are custom/handmade right here in New York City and Brooklyn!  

Jeans: Refind Denim // Watches: Throne Watches // Styled by: Rose Tran // Photography:  Jenny Futography


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