March 10, 2014

DIY: neoprene clutch

Neoprene!  I've been a little obsessed with the fabric of the season - whoever thought of using foamy scuba fabric for tops, skirts, dresses and such was a genius.  It gives everything just a little more depth and fun cushy-ness.  

It took me a while to track down the fabric (at a decent price) for this, but had a ton of color options and good pricing.  I wanted something with a pop, so I ordered this bold blue along with a brighter pink shade (that I'll debut later!).  I also knew I wanted to do a zip pouch which is kind of my favorite purse/clutch to carry around these days.  It's classic, simple and to the point.  Working with this fabric was a little bit trickier because of the thickness, but once I got the hang of it (you really have to just man-handle it) it wasn't too bad.


- Neoprene fabric (18"x24" 2mm piece, $13.50
- Matching thread
- 12" zipper (craft stores or JoAnns)
- Standard sewing supplies
- Sewing machine


1.  Measure and cut two rectangular 9"x12" pieces of fabric.

2.  Next, you'll want to sew the zipper onto the fabric pieces.  Take one piece of fabric face side up and lay the zipper face side down along the upper edge.  The two pieces should be facing each other now.  Pin the zipper in place and sew along the top edge.

3.  Repeat the step for the second piece of fabric.  You'll have to do some arranging since you already have the first piece sewn on.  Make sure the second piece of fabric is facing the front side of the zipper again.  Pin and sew along the top edge.  After flipping the fabric back over, both pieces should look like the fourth figure above (like wings coming out of the zipper part).

4.  Next, you'll want to sew the other three edges of the clutch.  Flip the pieces back over so the outside pieces are facing each other.  You can use pins to hold it together.  Sew along the remaining three edges.

5.  Afterwards, cut the two bottom corners (without cutting the seams) so that when you flip the clutch inside out the corners with be sharper.  Flip the clutch inside out.  You'll want to clean up any edges around the zipper that are sticking out (this happens easily since the fabric is thicker) - I hand sewed an area that wouldn't stay down.  

Tips:  Using thread that is the same color helps as the seams can be visible in some areas since the fabric is thick.  Sew Delicious has a great zip pouch tutorial and tips for sewing the zipper part - it was very helpful when I was sewing mine!

Happy Sewing!
xoxo, NB

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