March 17, 2014

SOUL: the journey is the reward - free printable!

Lately I've been finding myself in the real thick of things - namely work.  I'm getting caught up and riled up and stressed out and burned out.  And all for what?  Well, a paycheck (which is needed) - but other than that I've been asking myself what's really important to me.  And although I do want to do well in my career, there are far more important things on my list of important things (ie. family/friends). 

So, I've been working on slowing it down and just relaxing.  Enjoying the little moments.  And above all else, appreciating and being grateful for the journey.  It's actually not as easy as it sounds - I've actually been getting anxiety about whether or not I'm "maximizing" my down time.  Go figure.  But it's a work in progress just like this beautiful and crazy life of mine.

Hope you're enjoying every minute and every moment of your journey.  

Click here for a printable version.

Oh, and just some succulent lovin as usual.

xoxo, NB


  1. I love this, such a good message

    xx Cass