May 23, 2014

DIY: bandana print clutch

Verified bad a$$, that's the status you can achieve by adding bandana print in your wardrobe.  With the sports luxe trend at its peak this spring,  the old school street style is creeping its way back into fashion in the form of pseudo sport jerseys and Givenchy-esque prints.   Kanye West wore a Givenchy skirt on his Watch the Throne tour.  Then, designers like Rik Villa started supporting this trend by making his own twist on the bandana and other street prints. Even Forever 21 is paying homage to the 90's unofficial uniform of thugs and wanna-be thugs (me) alike by selling bandana print sweatshirts (I actually own one) and tights!  I decided to opt of the head-to-toe blue bandana jumpsuit look as worn by Snoop Dogg here ; I just can't pull it off (bummer). However,  I still wanted to incorporate a little bit of bad assery into my outfit, so I DIY-ed my own bandana clutch.  See below for this simple project. 

  • bandana (assorted colors)
  • scissors and fabric glue
  • needle and thread - preferably same color as bandana
  • clutch - could be new or an old clutch you want to cover, I got my plain clutch at American Apparel

  1. Lay bandana out flat, iron out the wrinkles.
  2. Lay your clutch on top of bandana and then wrap the bandana around your clutch, like you are wrapping a present.
  3. Cut off excess bandana fabric on the sides. 
  4. Start glueing together the bandana to the edge of the clutch close to the zipper as possible.  
  5. After one side dries. Wrap the fabric around to the other side and do the same.
  6. Finish by hand sewing (using a machine if you have) the sides of the bandana as close to the clutch as possible.  Then, carefully trim the excess fabric with your scissors and voila! Bad bish status.   

Like many "loud" trends in fashion in general, it probably won't last long.  Here today, gone tomorrow. So why not yolo it up like Riri and Rita below and add a little bit of thug life into your life, even if just for a moment. 

images: Google

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