June 1, 2014

DIY: black matte vases

All black everything.  Yes, I did get the memo that's it's summer and more color is not only appropriate this season but sometimes called for.  Especially more color for those pasty legs, it's shorts season!  Well,  I'm in agreement with the latter but to the former, I'd like to challenge that notion - I would like to keep my black on black options throughout summer and forever more. :) 

For this post I was inspired by all the weddings this season. Lot's of DIY chic weddings, I've attended and have seen on my friends' feeds.  One of my friends got married recently and she DIY'ed her own gold centerpieces.  I thought, "what a great and inexpensive way to add that custom color touch!"  I've always wanted to try this, but just recently found the will and the time.  From there,  I googled a whole bunch of brands of matte spray paint and decided to go with the Krylon flat black (duh)  because it was one of the cheapest at my local hardware store. Score! I dusted off and rinsed out old bottles I already had that I kept for flowers and things, so it was perfect!  Also when I knew I was going to do this project, I started collecting empty sake bottles and anything that I thought I could paint over (like the pineapple I found at a shop in Chinatown).  You don't have make these for a wedding, you can just make it for around your home like I did!  See below how to accomplish this super EASY project. 

(Look how unrelated and haphazard all the bottles look BEFORE their paint job.)

  • empty bottles and vases in varying sizes, shapes and textures (If you don't have this at home already, you can easily find some at your local thrift store, dollar store, yard sale, or maybe your friends or family may have them lying around.) 
  • spray paint in desired color (I used black flat for that matte look.)
  • flowers (I choose all white flowers -peonies, orchids, roses and hydrangeas for that edgy, high contrast look.) 
  • newspapers or some sort of cover up so you don't get the ground all messy

(Now look how cohesive and more chic they look, AFTER! That pineapple I turned black though! haha)

  1. Clean and dry vases and bottles thoroughly.
  2. In a well ventilated area spray the items with several light coats to cover the entire piece. Allow each coat to dry before spraying the next coat.
  3. Fill your bottles with water and arrange with flowers! Voila. 

You can apply this spray paint to almost anything (Banksy status) to give it a fresh new look.  Opportunities are endless so forth and make something! 

xoxo, Neato Bonito. 

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