June 15, 2014

DRINK: simple infused water

Sometimes the quest for hydration is a difficult one, but a very important one.  Sounds easier than it really is, but sipping on the same old thing all the time can get very boring especially if it has no taste.  This is when sometimes reaching for an artificially flavored drink may satisfy the tastebuds but not your health.  For this post, we just want to feature a better alternative to sugary soda drinks: the simple infused water.  Not only is a pomegranate + blueberry, or kiwi fruit + strawberry fruit infused water a feast for your mouth, it's a feast for the eyes.  It just makes something colorless, translucent and tasteless more pretty and fun (as fun as water can be) to look at in your glass.  Not to mention, the combination of flavors are endless!  Here I just chose very simple and basic ones such as lemon (very good detoxing benefits, we have a natural lemon detox post here), cucumber + mint, lime and orange.   But you can get crazy and create any combination you want! Free People blog has some great ideas here

All you need is filtered water, fresh fruit of your liking and a glass pitcher or container.  Clean the fruit and then add to the water.  To fully fuse the flavors, it's best to let it sit overnight before drinking. And THAT'S IT, so easy.  

I like to infuse my water to take to the gym too. So refreshing after a work out!

After you are done with the water, you can strain the fruit especially the berries and freeze them and repurpose your infused water fruit in a smoothie! We got everything covered. 

Replace those chemical-filled diet drinks with a healthy, holistic, hydrating and homemade H2o! Drink up.  


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