June 12, 2014

EAT: fig and mushroom mache salad

One of the best discoveries I made while trekking through Spain a few weeks ago was mache (pronounced mosh) salad.  Aka corn salad or lamb's lettuce, it comes in little rosettes with small dark green leaves and a sweet, nutty flavor.  My usual go-to salad leafery includes arugula, watercress and spinach - this variety is somewhat similar and has quickly become my new fav.  I've only been able to hunt it down at Whole Foods so far in the States, but I'm hoping it becomes increasingly popular as it's super easy to throw together in a salad and is packed with nutritional goodies (vitamin C, A, B, iron, potassium and copper)  Oh yes, we've hit the nutritional lotto!

To add on to the great leafy discovery made in Spain, I also enjoyed it in the form of one of the most delightful salads I've ever had.  It had dried figs, sautéed mushrooms and plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of extra virgin olive oil.  I knew a re-creation was going to happen for this one - except in my version I opted for the healthier route.  Less olive oil and no parmesan cheese.  And with it being summertime, I'm soon going to try this with fresh figs - drooooooly.


- mache salad (Whole Foods, $5 pre-washed)
- dried figs, sliced
- shimeji mushrooms or your favorite mushroom, washed and cut/sliced
- extra virgin olive oil
- sesame seeds
- fresh lemon juice
- sea salt and cracked black pepper


- Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a medium saucepan and sauté the mushrooms until tender.  Lightly salt and pepper it to taste.

- To make the dressing, mix one part olive oil and one part lemon juice.  For my individual salad, I used one tablespoon of each.  Add sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste and mix well.

- To assemble the salad, toss the mache, dried figs and sautéed mushrooms together in the dressing.  Top with additional sesame seeds if desired.  Plate, and ENJOY!

xoxo, NB

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