June 3, 2014

WEAR: nike windrunner jacket

Flexible, flattering, fun and a fashion favorite (alliteration station, haha), it's not hard to see why the sport luxe style is so popular.  Give me style and give me comfort! I'll take it.  And also give me versatility, I'll take that too. And a black and white,  light weight, water repelling,  zip-up hoodie, with zip-up pockets doesn't get more versatile than that. My favorite light weight jacket by far, is this one featured here in this post.  Also, I think I've just been on that black and white tip with the DIY black matte vases and white flowers in the last post.   By the way, thank you all for the feedback, likes and comments on instagram on that latest post! We really appreciate all your support! 

These pictures were snapped by my friend, co-worker and amazing street style photographer, Simpson Kim!  It's wonderful to have photographer friends because to get these shots by myself would require a lot of running back and forth from my tripod in the middle of the street. We already had to dodge taxis, buses, bicyclists and cars with the two of us so I can only imagine the hazards without him.  Thank you Simpson!  Check out his website OMGOOD here

Photography by: Simpson Kim 

Nike Windrunner Jacket, old Nike Airmax Premium, Forever 21 sunglasses

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