August 3, 2014

WEAR: football jersey t-shirt and Givenchy floral slip-ons sneakers

Being comfortable AND (hopefully) simultaneously stylish tops the list of our dream outfits here at NB. I saw a quote somewhere saying, "my bathing suit says go to the gym, but my sweatpants were like nah girl, you're good!"  That quote hits the nail on the head to convey how the struggle is so real sometimes to find balance in my waistline, outfits and my life! hah.  Anyways, for the comfort part of this equation,  I like to include slip-on sneakers (as seen here) as an important staple in my shoe arsenal.  I have 3 pairs in counting right now. I mean slip-on sneakers are a sportier version of flats anyways right?  Specifically slip-ons of the leather kind, add that extra edge to any outfit.  

For this look, I paired my men's football jersey t-shirt with a stretch cotton mini skirt - seriously a dream come true to not have to wear a mini with heels. :) These days there is no need to sacrifice form over function as it's been stated and posted here many a times before. Find what works for you by getting creative in mixing and matching.  The options are endless for you to achieve that ultimate casual-chic ensemble, and once you master the art of "comfy and cute", you can literally hit the ground running. :)  

shoes: Givenchy // skirt: American Apparel // shirt: Zara Men // cuffs: THP // bag: Mackage // sunglasses: Komono 

Photography by: Sam Chew from  @chewsfitness

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  1. Love it! You should definitely look into custom football jerseys though; jerseys are even better when they're customized just for you! ;)