September 29, 2014

DIY: orange citrus soy candles

It's candles - PART DEUX!  I'm a bit of a candle junkie.  You can always find me rummaging through the sale section at Anthropologie looking for pretty and aromatic candles.  I have them in almost every room in my house and they make any hanging out/chillin/snuggling/cozying up moment even better.  Books are better, movies are better, a cup of tea is better, conversations are better with a lit candle nearby!  You get the point.

Homemade candles are actually pretty easy to make.  Sure, they're no luxury Diptyque or Voluspa candles but they surely do the job for everyday lighting.  

I had some leftover soy wax and essential oils from our DIY mosquito repellent so I decided with fall coming fast and furious it was time for some more candle-makin fun.  I'm a fruity scent kinda gal (versus heavy floral scents that make me dizzy) so I used this sweet orange essential oil to add to the wax.  It's light and citrusy and perfect.  For containers, I mixed things up by using a floral printed mug, a decorative drinking glass and vintage jar.

You can find all the supplies and instructions here at our Part Uno Lavender Soy Candles post.  Here's a little tip to reuse all your cool containers.  After the candle has burned to the bottom, simply reheat the ceramic/jar in a pot of simmering water until the leftover wax melts down.  Using an oven mitt or towel to handle, pour the remaining wax into a plastic sack or other container that you can throw away.  Wash the ceramic/jar in hot soapy water.  Viola!  Use again.

xoxo, NB

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  1. The teacup candle looks lovely! I have never made candles, but now I definitely want to try!