September 11, 2014

WEAR: fall favorites

jumpsuit: Zara // vintage leather sleeve case: Jisoncase Macbook Air // watch: Dan Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady  // rings: H&M // mug: Botanical Musings Anthropologie // skincare: Jessica Wu // scarf: Herringbone Scarf Zara

When the weather is teasing you with occasional cool temps but it's not quite time to whip out your cold-winter favorites just yet, getting inspired to dress appropriately can sometimes be a losing battle.  Here we have some transitional essentials to help you come up with some easy, breezy looks. Extend the life of your Macbook with a classic vintage leather sleeve. On the other hand (arm, ha), extend the life of your sleeveless outfits with a soft, fun scarf.  Keep it classic and fun with a statement watch and stackable rings. Enjoy tea time with a botanical musings mug. And last but not least, we also included skincare to repair your skin from the summer sun and keep you moisturized for fall.  

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