October 15, 2014

DIY: chalkboard painted pumpkins

HHS (Happy Holiday Season)!  October surely did creep up on us!  Hope you all are enjoying the cool, crisp weather.  This year we wanted to do a fun spin on the traditional pumpkin decor by using a more neutral color palette via chalkboard paint.  Painting pumpkins is a game changer and takes much less time (and less mess) than carving a pumpkin.  From there, you can add lettering, decorations/embellishments and even turn it into a vase to add some character to your pumpkins.

We went with a classic dark gray and lighter gray for our color scheme.  There are a ton of colors to choose from - I'm eying some of those beautiful pastels for next time.  Whatever you go with, remember to have FUN with it! 


- pumpkins
- chalkboard or matte paint (Michaels, $9 each)
- paintbrushes
- chalkboard marker (Amazon, $6.39) or white paint if lettering
- jewels or other embellishments (rhinestones, gold tacks - Michaels or other craft stores)
- craft glue or super glue


- Rinse your pumpkins with water to remove any dirt or debris that might be stuck on the outside.  If you're using a pumpkin as a vase for florals, cut the top off and clean out the inside before painting.

- Paint away!  You can tape off the stem at the top or just paint around the edges carefully (that's what I did).  For the larger pumpkins, I painted the top portions first and let them dry before turning them over to paint the bottoms.  I painted two coats on each pumpkin. After the pumpkins are dry you can add lettering or other embellishments.

- For the lettering, I used a pencil to lightly trace the outline of the letters.  Then I used a chalkboard marker to paint the letters on.

- For the embellished pumpkins, I used glue to adhere rhinestones to the top of one pumpkin.  For the other, I used gold tacks to line the creases of the pumpkin.

- For the pumpkin vase, I used a gallon sized ziplock bag to line the inside of the pumpkin in order to pour water in it.  I didnt know how the inside of the pumpkin might fare if I poured the water directly in (possible mold?!).

PUMP(kin) IT UP!
xoxo, NB

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  1. this is so adorable and perfect to adorn a side table. thank you fro posting its DIY i am going to make sure that i get to it right away. keep posting more