December 16, 2014

DIY: watercolor christmas gift tags

Only ten days away from Christmas!  Where does the time go?  I feel like time flies twice as fast during the holidays and I can barely keep up.  I am majorly looking forward to some quality family and friends time, eating more than I should and just some R&R next week.  Some fantastic coffee and a good book and I'll be in heaven.  But in the meantime I'll be finishing up things at work, attending a couple more holiday parties and of course - some last minute shopping for gifts and wrapping them up.

This year I made some simple and easy watercolor gift tags for my presents.  I love painting and it was actually somewhat of a stress reliever to paint these up before wrapping my gifts.  I used some old gloss paint I already had around the house and bought some inexpensive paper tags.  Watercolor is so fun because it's difficult to mess up.  I just had to make sure I diluted the paint enough with water and to keep it very light and layer on if I wanted some deeper colors in certain areas.  I'll probably try these in different colors later on for some non-holiday themed tags!


- Red and green paint (I used yellow and blue to create my green shade)
- Paintbrushes
- Paper tags ($2.50 for a pack of 25, JoAnns)
- Plastic paint palette or paper plate to hold paint
- Cup with water


- Pour some paint out into your paint palette.  A little goes a long way so you'll only need a bit.
- Dip your paintbrush into the water and mix it in with the paint to dilute it.
- Once you get your desired mixture, use your paintbrush to paint light strokes across the tag.


- After painting the tag, you can rotate the tag around to distribute the watery paint in different areas before it dries.
- Try brushing just water across the tag, then stroke in some light paint.  The paint will slowly disperse into the water already on the tag.
- If the paper begins pop up because of the water, gently bend it back the other way to keep it smooth and flat.

Merry Painting!
xoxo, NB


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