September 17, 2016

DIY: crepe paper blooms

Hello ... anyone out there? Anyone? I wouldn't necessarily call this a NB come back but whatever it is, glad to be back! So ... a lot has changed and a lot has happened since 2014?! I don't even know where to begin or pick up so I'll just jump right into it.  First and foremost, one half of NB had a baby! The cutest little meatball that may or may not make an appearance here but you can definitely check him out at  @sea_chelle  's Instagram along with her neatobonito-esque illustrations, baby styling and decor and new mom chronicles! SO MUCH CUTENESS! 

I (the other half of NB) did not have a baby, definitely many a food babies since 2014 *sideye*, but the biggest change for me is a new job and a new beau! I decided to jump back on this thing because 1. INSPIRATION and 2. needing an OUTLET, itching to create! So, here I am showcasing this beautiful, handmade, crepe paper (yes paper!) bouquet! My dear friend, Kaitlyn from the Etsy shop ThePaperBouquets (@thepaperbouquets) sent me this amazing bouquet of peonies, dahlias, juliette roses and roses. It's so PRETTY and it will never wilt, keeping these beauties fo-eva! It looks so real that I immediately had to style, photograph and share! Bear with me as my photography, styling, editing and especially writing skills needs some major brushing up on. : ( 

We started this blog as place to "keep our brains sharp and our hearts inspired" and I feel compelled to come back to that. We may not come back in consistent blog form but definitely in some neatobonito way, shape or form. Please follow us individually on Instagram at @sea_chelle_ and @margalatte as we try to figure that (and everything else) out! Until then enjoy these paper blooms that can't be more neato! bonito.  

Crepe paper bouquet handmade by: Kaitlyn Bae of ThePaperBouquets
Styled and photographed by: Margaret @margalatte