September 17, 2016

DIY: crepe paper blooms

Hello ... anyone out there? Anyone? I wouldn't necessarily call this a NB come back but whatever it is, glad to be back! So ... a lot has changed and a lot has happened since 2014?! I don't even know where to begin or pick up so I'll just jump right into it.  First and foremost, one half of NB had a baby! The cutest little meatball that may or may not make an appearance here but you can definitely check him out at  @sea_chelle  's Instagram along with her neatobonito-esque illustrations, baby styling and decor and new mom chronicles! SO MUCH CUTENESS! 

I (the other half of NB) did not have a baby, definitely many a food babies since 2014 *sideye*, but the biggest change for me is a new job and a new beau! I decided to jump back on this thing because 1. INSPIRATION and 2. needing an OUTLET, itching to create! So, here I am showcasing this beautiful, handmade, crepe paper (yes paper!) bouquet! My dear friend, Kaitlyn from the Etsy shop ThePaperBouquets (@thepaperbouquets) sent me this amazing bouquet of peonies, dahlias, juliette roses and roses. It's so PRETTY and it will never wilt, keeping these beauties fo-eva! It looks so real that I immediately had to style, photograph and share! Bear with me as my photography, styling, editing and especially writing skills needs some major brushing up on. : ( 

We started this blog as place to "keep our brains sharp and our hearts inspired" and I feel compelled to come back to that. We may not come back in consistent blog form but definitely in some neatobonito way, shape or form. Please follow us individually on Instagram at @sea_chelle_ and @margalatte as we try to figure that (and everything else) out! Until then enjoy these paper blooms that can't be more neato! bonito.  

Crepe paper bouquet handmade by: Kaitlyn Bae of ThePaperBouquets
Styled and photographed by: Margaret @margalatte


December 23, 2014

EAT: buttermilk biscuits with salted honey butter

Get 'em while they're HOT!  I love biscuits.  Actually, I love just about any delicious carb out there but biscuits are definitely near the top of that list.  Such a comfort food and perfect for a winter breakfast with coffee.  I prefer mine with butter and honey, so for the batch I made I also whipped up some salted honey butter to slather on.  Make sure you eat them while hot - or if warming up, warm up until hot.  Enjoy!

December 18, 2014

EAT: fig and pistachio salted dark chocolate


I have about 5-6 different dark chocolate bars sitting at home at any given point in time.  You just never know when you're going to crave a square of bittersweet chocolate.  And when you do, you need some variety!  Although equally delicious, everyone knows a chocolate toffee bar is completely different than a coconut caramel one - right?  I guess what I'm trying to say is that chocolate is good.  And you can never have too much laying around.  And if you feel the same way that I do, you should try making your own chocolate bars!

It's as easy as it looks.  There are so many different topping combinations you can try.  For mine, I used dried figs, pistachios and sea salt.  Partly because I love all those ingredients and partly because I already had them stocked in the house.  Use whatcha got! 

I learned a lot about chocolate when making these, namely TEMPERING.  More on tempering in the instructions, but if you're taking this route you'll need a chocolate thermometer for the method below.  This is a good route to take if you'll be gifting these for the holidays as it allows the chocolate to sit out at room temperature and not melt as easily.

December 16, 2014

DIY: watercolor christmas gift tags

Only ten days away from Christmas!  Where does the time go?  I feel like time flies twice as fast during the holidays and I can barely keep up.  I am majorly looking forward to some quality family and friends time, eating more than I should and just some R&R next week.  Some fantastic coffee and a good book and I'll be in heaven.  But in the meantime I'll be finishing up things at work, attending a couple more holiday parties and of course - some last minute shopping for gifts and wrapping them up.

This year I made some simple and easy watercolor gift tags for my presents.  I love painting and it was actually somewhat of a stress reliever to paint these up before wrapping my gifts.  I used some old gloss paint I already had around the house and bought some inexpensive paper tags.  Watercolor is so fun because it's difficult to mess up.  I just had to make sure I diluted the paint enough with water and to keep it very light and layer on if I wanted some deeper colors in certain areas.  I'll probably try these in different colors later on for some non-holiday themed tags!

December 10, 2014

EAT: french honey crullers

Tis the season for...FRENCH HONEY CRULLERS!  I found a recipe for these while perusing through Pinterest (still so addicted) one day and had to find out what they were.  They're essentially a version of the almighty donut/doughnut, except lighter and fluffier inside, topped with a delicious honey glaze. Think glazed churro, except not as dense.  Hope I've sold you on this because despite what looks to be lengthy instructions, it's actually quite easy to make and doesn't require a ton of special ingredients.

I tweaked the recipe to make it a light pumpkin flavor in both the cruller and glaze.  Feel free to add more pumpkin spice (or less) to your liking.  Happy Frying!